Another Perspective On Thinking Differently.

Posted by Jon Hall on Nov 30, 2017

What do a Marketing Professor, Advertising Creative and Serial Entrepreneur have in common?

They were among two dozen Brain Trust experts in one of SpencerHall’s recent cloud-based Transforum ideation sessions.

In SpencerHall’s 20+ years of experience driving innovative thinking, we’ve seen the power that comes from having a diverse a mix of outsideperspectives collaborate with project teams to push them beyond conventional thinking, challenging assumptions and finding truly innovative new product and service ideas.

In this post, we introduce you to one of our Brain Trust experts, Dr. Frank Kardes, who is the Donald E. Weston Professor of Marketing and Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Cincinnati, the author of five books on Consumer Behavior, and currently serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Consumer Psychology and the Journal of Marketing Research. Dr. Kardes shares his thoughts on the value of divergent perspectives:

 “Most people underestimate the importance of divergent perspectives for developing really new ideas.  One reason for this is the false consensus effect, or the finding that people overestimate the number of other people who are similar to us in terms of perspectives, preferences, beliefs, and opinions. 

I have participated in many Transforum sessions and have found the experience to be enjoyable and useful for improving creative ideation.  Enjoyable tasks increase intrinsic motivation, which increases creative and flexible thinking.  Furthermore, the creative ideas generated by the other participants are typically very interesting and quite thought provoking.”

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