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Where Does Creativity Come From?

Posted by Wasyl Terlecky on Mar 22, 2016

For most people, creative thinking is a process, and one that is best manifested when it isn’t forced. If you’ve ever been in a brainstorming session, you know how hard it is to come up with new ideas on the spot, but given the rapid introduction of new products, services, and apps today, companies must constantly be looking for ways to push the envelope and improve—or risk getting surpassed by their competitors. More and more companies are trying to develop and hone their creative processes and environments in order to facilitate creative thinking, which begs the question: where exactly does creativity come from?

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Ahead of the Curve or Way Off Track?

Posted by Wasyl Terlecky on Feb 15, 2016

With trends coming at us faster than ever before, how do you get ahead of what consumers will want in the next few years? If you work for a large company with multiple initiative gates to pass and several levels of management that need to sign-off on any new product, it can seem especially tough to prove out a concept that is just on the cusp of consumers’ consciousness.

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Message from Our Founders

Posted by Wasyl Terlecky on Feb 12, 2016

SpencerHall is celebrating our 20-year anniversary this year, and we wanted to say thanks to all our excellent clients and team for making that possible.  

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