The Power of Pause

Posted by Jon Hall on May 31, 2017


Has this happened to you: you’re out with a group of friends, and one makes a good-natured wisecrack about you. You try to come back with some snappy repartee but caught by surprise, your response isn’t quite as clever as you hoped. Hours later, you think of the perfect comeback. If only you could go back in time!

It’s the same thing with brainstorming. Your team is all together, trying to generate ideas for new products or services. You do your level best, churning out ideas, but invariably, some of your best ideas come to you after the session ends—maybe when driving home that night, or the next morning in the shower.

Our 20+ years’ experience in new product innovation has taught us about the “power of pause”—having time to disengage from active brainstorming to turn your thoughts inward, reflect and recharge. We call this the Creativity Cadence. And it’s an essential part of our Transforum innovation process.

We use our proprietary, cloud-based Creativeware so team members participate remotely and asynchronously, rather than “locked down” together in a conference room. The Transforum virtual space gives participants freedom to set their own Creativity Cadence over a multi-day session, “logging on” to capitalize on the immediacy of group collaborative energy and to share or build on ideas, and “logging off” to allow time for independent thought and reflection.

The results are truly breakthrough.

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Topics: culture of innovation