Think differently. Together.

Posted by Jon Hall on Jan 10, 2018



To drive innovative thinking, there’s real value in having both insider and outsider perspectives collaborating. Insiders likely have a deep understanding of their consumer, category, and competencies. But that expertise can become self-limiting, as their ideas are colored by their shared filters. Blending that expertise with forward thinkers who aren’t constrained by preconceived notions is a winning combination when it comes to driving innovative and actionable thinking.

And that’s what SpencerHall’s Transforum innovation platform makes possible. We’ve assembled a “Brain Trust” of creative thought leaders and subject matter experts that participate in a dynamic, cloud based idea generation forum. One of our Brain Trust is John Benzick, a successful serial entrepreneur in his own right and an entrepreneur advocate and venture capitalist. John shares his view of the power of Transforum:

"In my experience, Transforum's [divergent perspectives] process can unearth breakthrough ways to powerfully re-frame a brand's problem or identity.  It's a process that stirs up powerful emotional elements that can unleash magical connections among participants."

The bottom-line is simple: don’t limit creative thinking by limiting who participates. Go beyond the “usual suspects” to include new perspectives and fresh thinking, representing not only different creative disciplines, but also technical, scientific and marketing expertise. The sparks of ideation move in many directions.

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