To Think Differently, You Need Different Thinkers

Posted by Jon Hall on Nov 14, 2017

 Think differently; rethink; reimagine! Despite all these exhortations, most project teams fall short when they try to brainstorm new business ideas. Why? Often, it’s because they lack the breadth of perspectives to push them beyond conventional wisdom and consensus thinking, and into new territories and new ways of thinking.

SpencerHall’s unique Transforum® innovation tool gives your team access to this essential divergent perspective that has the power to transform your innovation program. 

We build a proprietary Brain Trust of creative thought leaders and subject matter experts that collaborate with your team using our patent-pending cloud-based Creativeware. 

We’d like to introduce you to one our many Brain Trust members, Dave Goldenberg, an Advertising Creative Director, Emmy Nominated Writer and Award-Winning Filmmaker, and his take on the value that Transforum adds to the innovation process.

“For a creative person, brainstorming is the creme filling in the Oreo cookie of work. It’s why we put up with all the other crap—commuting, performance reviews, corporate politics, company picnics. Transforum brainstorming sessions are a great, big bucket of stuffing. Your fellow participants are inventive and inspiring, but you don’t have put up with their baby pictures or tuna sandwiches. And if you want to put on your Ren & Stimpy shorts and log in at 3 AM with a tumbler of bourbon—it’s just another workday.

In their back and forth, Transforum brainstorming participants are blessedly anonymous, but a panoply of perspectives and backgrounds quickly emerges. We’re comfortable tossing out half-baked ideas, knowing someone with a different skew will knead the dough into something worthwhile. Or not—it doesn’t matter. We’re having fun.”

If you’d like to learn more about the creative power of divergent perspectives, please contact us: Jon Hall, or Nancy Spencer,


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