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Posted by Jon Hall on Jan 10, 2018



To drive innovative thinking, there’s real value in having both insider and outsider perspectives collaborating. Insiders likely have a deep understanding of their consumer, category, and competencies. But that expertise can become self-limiting, as their ideas are colored by their shared filters. Blending that expertise with forward thinkers who aren’t constrained by preconceived notions is a winning combination when it comes to driving innovative and actionable thinking.

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Focused on Product Innovation? You Might Be Sacrificing Potential for Breakthrough Ideas

Posted by Jon Hall on Dec 19, 2014

Kodak was, for years and years, a very good product innovator: the company introduced hundreds of innovations over the span of more than 100 years…most of which related directly to film. At their peak the company had few competitors and about 87% share of the market; then came digital technology.

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Balancing Risk vs. Reward of Surging Into Big Ideas

Posted by Jon Hall on Mar 27, 2014

It seems that every day, we hear about a new start-up introducing a product that addresses a consumer need and quickly becomes a household name. These young companies are out-foxing well-known consumer brands with a history of launching successful products: What are the newbies doing, or not doing, that’s allowing them to quickly enter the market and position themselves as innovators?

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How to Write a Concept That Moves a Consumer to Action

Posted by Jon Hall on Apr 18, 2013

A consumer wants to know two things before he or she acts on your concept:

1. What’s in it for me?
2. Why should I believe you?

If you’ve constructed your concept well, your answers to these questions will influence the consumer to act as you want.

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What Are the Best Ways Companies Can Find Inspiration for New Products and Brand Concepts?

Posted by Pam Branam on Apr 16, 2013

Cross functional brand teams can offer a real advantage by providing a depth of understanding for how your product works, what your customers want and the scope of your company’s capabilities. However, there is also a danger that this expertise becomes self-limiting.  Conventional wisdom or functional silos creep in and cloud your view of new opportunities and ideas.

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Do You Know Too Much To Be Creative?

Posted by Julie Hauck on Apr 9, 2013

While the economy is showing some encouraging signs of vitality, ongoing economic pressures intensify the need for breakthrough thinking. When money is tight, consumers tend to "default" to tried and true products they are familiar with. For companies to grow in this environment, it’s essential to provide compelling new benefits that will get consumers to take notice and take action. The challenge is to go beyond incremental thinking, where "new" products are simply variations on a theme (e.g., better, faster, easier, longer-lasting, etc.), and instead to create truly discontinuous offerings.

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