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Posted by Jon Hall on Jan 10, 2018



To drive innovative thinking, there’s real value in having both insider and outsider perspectives collaborating. Insiders likely have a deep understanding of their consumer, category, and competencies. But that expertise can become self-limiting, as their ideas are colored by their shared filters. Blending that expertise with forward thinkers who aren’t constrained by preconceived notions is a winning combination when it comes to driving innovative and actionable thinking.

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The Power of Pause

Posted by Jon Hall on May 31, 2017

Has this happened to you: you’re out with a group of friends, and one makes a good-natured wisecrack about you. You try to come back with some snappy repartee but caught by surprise, your response isn’t quite as clever as you hoped. Hours later, you think of the perfect comeback. If only you could go back in time!

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Don't Let Process Engineering Preempt Creativity

Posted by Jon Hall on Mar 23, 2017

 With all the recent emphasis around process engineering, it’s easy for companies to fall in the trap of streamlining development efforts without having a compelling idea to rally around. While the focus on process optimization is appropriate, no development effort succeeds if the ideas being developed aren’t compelling to begin with. As Peter Drucker noted, “There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all.”

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Creating Cultures of Innovation: The Importance of Connectivity and Knowledge Management

Posted by Jon Hall on Nov 24, 2014

When it comes to innovation, who you know can be just as important as what you know. That is, ensuring you have the right mix of expertise on your team and facilitating true connectivity, open dialogue and information exchange is essential for innovative organizations. In a previous post, Innovation: Creativity, Structure, Process & Renewal Capability Required, we outlined a method for evaluating the current state of your organization’s innovation efforts, based on the principles of renewal capability. Last week we covered two of them: Leadership and Learning Orientation. Today we’ll discuss Connectivity and Knowledge Management, reviewing what these dimensions of renewal capability look like in the most successfully innovative companies – what we call “innovation outperformers.” We’ll also give you some guidance in applying outperformers’ successes to your own renewal capability performance.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Innovation Outperformer?

Posted by Jon Hall on Nov 10, 2014

In our last post, Innovation: Creativity, Structure, Process & Renewal Capability Required, we discussed how to evaluate your organization’s current state of innovation based on the six principles of renewal capability, two of which we’ll talk about here: Leadership, and Learning Orientation.

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Is “Functional Dysfunction” Hindering Your Ability To Innovate?

Posted by Jon Hall on Mar 17, 2014

The rallying cry and sincere push for innovation is evident at so many companies these days as they look for ways to create competitive advantage. However, when we talk with leaders in these organizations it quickly becomes evident that many of them are suffering the effects of “functional dysfunction” without being aware of it, or of its limitations. That is, having rigidly defined functional domains that limit the kind of collaborative thinking that leads to true innovation.

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Defy Your Intuition: Use Structure to Unlock Creativity and Imagination

Posted by Jon Hall on Mar 6, 2014

Intuition might tell us that creativity flourishes when structure and process are minimized, because freedom equals creativity, right? In fact the opposite has been proven true, that effective innovation strategies need to include formal, repeatable structures and processes that foster – not limit – imaginative thinking, and also provide clear focus by articulating for your team clear steps toward the goal ahead of them.

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Is Your Creativity Disciplined? Activities & Approaches To Formalize For More Effective Innovation

Posted by Jon Hall on Feb 17, 2014
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4 Things All Great Cultures of Innovation Have In Common

Posted by Jon Hall on Feb 10, 2014

In part one of our four-part blog series on innovation we wrote about the 8 traits of high performing innovation cultures. Now it’s time to shift the focus from “What drives innovation?” to discussing how to apply the principles and practices to your organization.

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8 Traits of High-Performing Innovation Cultures

Posted by Tami Wessley on Jan 30, 2014

It should be no surprise that the highest performing companies in the world are near the top of their industries in terms of effective innovation. How do some of the most successful organizations in the U.S. approach innovation?

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