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Why Millennials’ Socially Conscious Mindset Is Crucial to Your Innovation Strategy

Posted by Tami Wessley on Mar 17, 2015

While a lot has been written about Millennials and how to market to them, innovators have been struggling to figure out how to evolve their strategies in order to capitalize on the sheer size and influence of these consumers. By not only understanding but also involving Millennials in strategy development, brands can ensure they truly deliver against this group’s needs, wants and desires. In this post, we’ll discuss why successful innovation strategies must account for these socially conscious Millennials and use it to their advantage.

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Topics: Millennials, disciplined creativity, innovation management

8 Traits of High-Performing Innovation Cultures

Posted by Tami Wessley on Jan 30, 2014

It should be no surprise that the highest performing companies in the world are near the top of their industries in terms of effective innovation. How do some of the most successful organizations in the U.S. approach innovation?

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Topics: innovative products, culture of innovation, innovation management

What Role Should Social Media Play in Consumer Research?

Posted by Tami Wessley on Dec 19, 2013

In our last post, How Will New Communication Norms Change Consumer Research, we took a look at how social media is substantially affecting how people communicate, from the language they use, to the time they devote to online interaction, to the manners (or lack of) they exhibit online. Our takeaway from those observations was that researchers need to consider these evolving communication norms as they design studies, recognizing that research design must constantly adapt to the changing ways people communicate, think, interact, and solve problems. Stay tuned as the best minds in our industry continue to observe and share their observations and emerging insights.

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Topics: social media, research, sounding boards

How Will New Communication Norms Change Consumer Research?

Posted by Tami Wessley on Nov 19, 2013

Social media has dramatically changed the way people interact, both as consumers and as professionals, and it’s having a profound impact on individual communication skills and behaviors. As consumer research professionals we’re appreciating how these communication changes need to be reflected in how we develop and execute all manner of consumer research to make sure we realize the opportunities that emerging consumer communication norms could represent to us and our clients.

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Topics: social media, research, consumer insight