How Millennials’ Non-Traditional Mindset Affects Your Innovation Strategy

Posted by Jon Hall on Mar 31, 2015

While a lot has been written about Millennials and how to market to them, innovators have been struggling to figure out how to evolve their strategies in order to capitalize on the sheer size and influence of these consumers. By understanding and involving Millennials in strategy development, brands can ensure they truly deliver against this group’s needs, wants and desires. In this post, we’ll discuss how successful innovators can take advantage of their non-traditional mindset and engage Millennials in their innovation process.

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Understanding the FDA's Proposed Nutrition Label Changes

Posted by Nancy Spencer on Apr 22, 2014

Several weeks ago, the FDA proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts label that we’re all so used to seeing throughout grocery store aisles. It’s been heavily discussed and we know these changes will more than likely be coming our way, so let’s understand together how to make it work.

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Showing Sensitivity to Shifts in Consumer Insights

Posted by Jon Hall on Apr 7, 2014

While watching the Valero Texas Open 2014 PGA golf tournament last weekend I was completely taken aback by an everyday :30 commercial. On its surface it seemed simple enough: a family in the car driving down the road. Suddenly, the vehicle develops a mind of its own, quickly steering itself to its favorite station and leaving the driver without any choice or control, the fear clearly evident on his face. Ordinarily I might have seen some humor in it, but with the recent GM headlines and the billion-dollar Toyota acceleration settlement, the premise was insensitive at best, alarming at worst. Their creative team fell down a bit on the AAAA Standards of Practice tenet stating, “We agree not to recommend, and discourage the use of, advertising that is in poor or questionable taste or that is deliberately irritating through aural or visual content presentation.”  For the brand, chances are it’s not getting the type of recognition it had hoped for.

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How Will New Communication Norms Change Consumer Research?

Posted by Tami Wessley on Nov 19, 2013

Social media has dramatically changed the way people interact, both as consumers and as professionals, and it’s having a profound impact on individual communication skills and behaviors. As consumer research professionals we’re appreciating how these communication changes need to be reflected in how we develop and execute all manner of consumer research to make sure we realize the opportunities that emerging consumer communication norms could represent to us and our clients.

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Creating Enduring Consumer Loyalty Without Product Superiority

Posted by Jon Hall on Nov 11, 2013

The continued sluggishness of the U.S. economy and the resulting decline in consumer spending power since the great recession has put more pressure than ever on brand value propositions. At the same time, whether we’re talking about a manufactured product or a virtual service, technology allows competitors to quickly reverse engineer to match and eliminate long-term tangible product differences.

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Smartphones Opening Doors for Consumer Insights Research

Posted by Jon Hall on Aug 8, 2013

For many reasons it’s become impossible for marketing researchers to ignore how profoundly our continuing love affair with smartphones (and to a lesser extent tablets) is changing the work we do. Here are just a few of the data points from a new study by eMarketer that describe the landscape we’re working in today:

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Today’s Biggest Challenges to Securing Valuable Consumer Insights

Posted by Jon Hall on Aug 6, 2013

You’d think that today could be considered the golden era of marketing research, especially for consumer insights. There’s never been a time in the history of civilization when consumers have had so many ways to offer their point of view, feedback, suggestions for improvements or ideas for new products.

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Get Better Insights by Meeting Consumers on Their Terms

Posted by Jon Hall on Jul 17, 2013

Do you remember your first focus groups as a marketing professional? Whether they took place 5,10, 25, or 40 years ago, odds are the events were markedly similar.

Business historians generally give credit to sociologist Robert Merton who, in 1941 as associate director of the Bureau of Applied Social Research at Columbia University, conducted the first focus group. He actually called it a “focused interview,” which a few years later became a focus group. The point is that this method has been around for more than 70 years, and many good researchers continue to use focus groups in much the same way Merton did back during WWII.

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6 Keys To Creating Higher-Scoring Concepts

Posted by Jon Hall on Jul 9, 2013

Our clients are some of the largest global consumer products and services providers in the world, collectively spending billions of dollars (and euros, renminbi, yen) to actively monitor consumers’ behaviors, attitudes and relationships with their products, competitors’ products, and aspects of their lives that might yield valuable insights.

Uncovering insights that have potential as product improvements or as new products is just the first step; the next is articulating those insights back to consumers in a way that connects them to the concept in meaningful and relevant ways.

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What Is a Consumer Insight, and How Do I Know When I Have One?

Posted by Jon Hall on May 17, 2013
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