Creating Cultures of Innovation: The Importance of Connectivity and Knowledge Management

Posted by Jon Hall on Nov 24, 2014

When it comes to innovation, who you know can be just as important as what you know. That is, ensuring you have the right mix of expertise on your team and facilitating true connectivity, open dialogue and information exchange is essential for innovative organizations. In a previous post, Innovation: Creativity, Structure, Process & Renewal Capability Required, we outlined a method for evaluating the current state of your organization’s innovation efforts, based on the principles of renewal capability. Last week we covered two of them: Leadership and Learning Orientation. Today we’ll discuss Connectivity and Knowledge Management, reviewing what these dimensions of renewal capability look like in the most successfully innovative companies – what we call “innovation outperformers.” We’ll also give you some guidance in applying outperformers’ successes to your own renewal capability performance.

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How to Know When It’s Time to Break Up With Your Moderator

Posted by Nancy Spencer on Aug 14, 2014
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6 Criteria For Choosing the Right Research Partner

Posted by Jon Hall on Oct 14, 2013

We live in a world in which the “new normal” demands researchers abide by an internal set of conditions that could best be described as “Do it fast and do it right the first time.” Adding “Or else” probably wouldn’t be out of line, either.

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Unleash the Power and Efficiency of Virtual Ethnography

Posted by Jon Hall on Sep 19, 2013

Ethnography as a research discipline has a long and distinguished history, with the first recorded uses attributed to 18th century historians and anthropologists. These early pioneers recognized that the best way to learn about a culture was through intimate examination of a people’s systems of meaning.

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Broaden the Conversation and Connect Deeper with Iterative Qualitative Research Design

Posted by Jon Hall on Sep 9, 2013

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates left no writings of his own, so we rely today on writings by several of his students to understand and appreciate his contributions to philosophy and the modern world. Without a doubt his greatest contribution is the Socratic Method, an approach aimed at uncovering truth through a series of iterative questions. For movie buffs and/or older readers with great memories, this approach was dramatically (some would call it over the top!) demonstrated by the late actor, John Houseman, in his Oscar-winning portrayal of law school professor Kingsfield. In this case, his character committed academic torture of students through intimidation and imposition of potentially life-changing consequences; obviously researchers today seek to engage participants by making the process enjoyable and rewarding.

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