You May Already Have The Next Big Idea

Posted by Jon Hall on Dec 28, 2018
Many companies have a vast array of technologies that are sitting on the shelf or were previously deployed for a single application. There could be lots more ways to harness those technologies across a wider portfolio of products/brands. To figure that out, we're big fans of Marketing and R&D idea exchanges.
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Think differently. Together.

Posted by Jon Hall on Jan 10, 2018



To drive innovative thinking, there’s real value in having both insider and outsider perspectives collaborating. Insiders likely have a deep understanding of their consumer, category, and competencies. But that expertise can become self-limiting, as their ideas are colored by their shared filters. Blending that expertise with forward thinkers who aren’t constrained by preconceived notions is a winning combination when it comes to driving innovative and actionable thinking.

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Another Perspective On Thinking Differently.

Posted by Jon Hall on Nov 30, 2017

What do a Marketing Professor, Advertising Creative and Serial Entrepreneur have in common?

They were among two dozen Brain Trust experts in one of SpencerHall’s recent cloud-based Transforum ideation sessions.

In SpencerHall’s 20+ years of experience driving innovative thinking, we’ve seen the power that comes from having a diverse a mix of outsideperspectives collaborate with project teams to push them beyond conventional thinking, challenging assumptions and finding truly innovative new product and service ideas.

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Cultivating a Culture of Curiosity

Posted by Jon Hall on May 26, 2016

In the previous blogs in this series, we defined creativity and also defined people within the context of creativity. What we haven’t considered, however, is how the term “creativity” plays in the business world.

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Where Does Creativity Come From?

Posted by Wasyl Terlecky on Mar 22, 2016

For most people, creative thinking is a process, and one that is best manifested when it isn’t forced. If you’ve ever been in a brainstorming session, you know how hard it is to come up with new ideas on the spot, but given the rapid introduction of new products, services, and apps today, companies must constantly be looking for ways to push the envelope and improve—or risk getting surpassed by their competitors. More and more companies are trying to develop and hone their creative processes and environments in order to facilitate creative thinking, which begs the question: where exactly does creativity come from?

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