4 Things All Great Cultures of Innovation Have In Common

Posted by Jon Hall on Feb 10, 2014

In part one of our four-part blog series on innovation we wrote about the 8 traits of high performing innovation cultures. Now it’s time to shift the focus from “What drives innovation?” to discussing how to apply the principles and practices to your organization.

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Smartphones Opening Doors for Consumer Insights Research

Posted by Jon Hall on Aug 8, 2013

For many reasons it’s become impossible for marketing researchers to ignore how profoundly our continuing love affair with smartphones (and to a lesser extent tablets) is changing the work we do. Here are just a few of the data points from a new study by eMarketer that describe the landscape we’re working in today:

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6 Keys To Creating Higher-Scoring Concepts

Posted by Jon Hall on Jul 9, 2013

Our clients are some of the largest global consumer products and services providers in the world, collectively spending billions of dollars (and euros, renminbi, yen) to actively monitor consumers’ behaviors, attitudes and relationships with their products, competitors’ products, and aspects of their lives that might yield valuable insights.

Uncovering insights that have potential as product improvements or as new products is just the first step; the next is articulating those insights back to consumers in a way that connects them to the concept in meaningful and relevant ways.

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How to Write a Concept That Moves a Consumer to Action

Posted by Jon Hall on Apr 18, 2013

A consumer wants to know two things before he or she acts on your concept:

1. What’s in it for me?
2. Why should I believe you?

If you’ve constructed your concept well, your answers to these questions will influence the consumer to act as you want.

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Category Insights versus Truisms: How Are They Uncovered and Discovered?

Posted by Julie Hauck on Apr 11, 2013

One of the big challenges we see when it comes to writing compelling concepts is that many companies don’t understand the difference between an insight versus a truism or category fact.

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