Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Innovation Outperformer?

Posted by Jon Hall on Nov 10, 2014

In our last post, Innovation: Creativity, Structure, Process & Renewal Capability Required, we discussed how to evaluate your organization’s current state of innovation based on the six principles of renewal capability, two of which we’ll talk about here: Leadership, and Learning Orientation.

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When It Comes To Innovation, Beware the Dangers of Inertia

Posted by Jon Hall on May 30, 2013

The paradox: Teams are charged with innovation, but rely on established processes and research partners to help them in their mission.

These teams know what they’ll get, because they’ve worked together time and again. And, since they’re charting unknown territory, to them it makes sense to have familiar partners to work with. And that’s the rub – it can be very difficult to find breakthroughs when you go about things the same way as always.

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How Do You Create a Culture of Innovation Within Your Organization?

Posted by Jon Hall on May 14, 2013

In order for innovation to be effective, it must be a culture within your business, rather than a task. Some companies set aside time during the quarter for innovation or set a goal of focusing on innovation for a month, and then when that time is done, they walk away from it. But in fact, innovation needs to be ongoing, woven into the fabric of the business, rather than a task or a short-term goal.

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Talk Among Yourselves

Posted by Jon Hall on May 10, 2013

Collaboration. It’s a simple concept, but are you implementing it? You can leverage the diverse perspectives your team offers to thoroughly mine potential consumer insights, product innovation opportunities and advertising strategies.

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What Is the Best Way to Overcome Limited Research Budgets When Developing Products and Strategies?

Posted by Jon Hall on May 7, 2013

Having unlimited funds to conduct research for product development is not a reality for most companies. So how do you overcome budget limitations and still have a healthy product development program able to generate innovative ideas and strategies?

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So What? A Practical Guide to Creating Compelling Consumer Propositions

Posted by Jon Hall on May 3, 2013

So what? That’s the first question I ask when potential clients come to us with a new product or service idea. Typically, I’ll ask it more delicately, but my point is, can you clearly articulate what’s in it for the customer? Very often, entrepreneurs or inventors talk about the technology behind an idea, or all the attributes and features it has. The challenge is reframing that—think about it from the end user’s point of view, and go beyond saying what your product or device does, but what it does for me.  What are the unique benefits your idea can offer potential users, and is that something you can uniquely own? 

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How Effective is Crowd-Sourcing for Product Innovation and Are There Other Alternatives?

Posted by Jon Hall on Apr 30, 2013

Opening up a challenge or problem to a wide range of participants, or crowd-sourcing, is a popular way to generate new product ideas, the thinking being that the more minds working on the problem, the better.

However, we’ve found that while crowd-sourcing produces a vast mix of perspectives, the quantity of ideas doesn’t always equal quality.  Brainstorming in a controlled, collaborative environment is a more effective approach to getting well-thought-out ideas versus open innovation crowd-sourcing which generates a mass of individual input which you then have to spend time sifting through for the actual useful, pertinent and inspiring ideas.

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