You May Already Have The Next Big Idea

Posted by Jon Hall on Dec 28, 2018
Many companies have a vast array of technologies that are sitting on the shelf or were previously deployed for a single application. There could be lots more ways to harness those technologies across a wider portfolio of products/brands. To figure that out, we're big fans of Marketing and R&D idea exchanges. Radical Thought 4 Next Big Idea GraphicWhen Jon Hall was at P&G, he scheduled two day "idea exchanges" at their upstream technology lab and invited anyone from R&D that had a cool technology or product idea that they thought was undervalued. Jon was booked solid almost immediately. One scientist he met with had been working on a multi-million dollar exploratory to re-grow hair. He joked that he hadn't yet found a way to grow hair, but lots of ways to stop hair from growing! Jon stopped him right there-what kind of cool product possibilities could that lead to? Moisturizing body lotion that could enable women to extend the intervals between shaving their legs, aftershave that helped prevent 5 o'clock shadow, and more. While Jon opted to leave P&G to start SpencerHall before those ideas could be brought to life, he's kept that same spirit of reinvention/rediscovery with him ever since. We suggest taking that same rediscovery mindset to find reapplication opportunities for your business.

Topics: idea management, new product ideas, Creativity